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Helpful Links
  1. Bank Street Books
    “New York’s best bookstore for and about children” — resource guides, museum studies, art books, Spanish translations, books in Spanish.

  2. Ten Speed & Tricycle Press
    Multicultural cookbooks, children’s books and posters of foods from every part of the globe, also educator’s resource.

  3. Edith R. Wyle Research Library of the Craft and Folk Art Museum at the Los Angeles County Museum
    The artistic and cultural achievements of diverse artisans from around the world.

  4. National Association for the Education of Young Children
    Excellent professional organization & newsletter dedicated to improving the quality of programs for children from birth through third grade.

  5. Project Zero
    Project Zero, “a research group at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, has investigated the development of learning processes in children, adults, and organizations since 1967”. Dedicated to researching the creative process, what takes place? Bookstore and web sites.

  6. Studio in a School
    New York based organization dedicated to placing artists in the public and private schools to create on-going creative, artistic works of art by elementary and middle school children.

  7. Reggio Emilia Philosophy
    An overview of the Reggio Emilia approach taken from a packet of information available at the Hundred Languages of Children traveling exhibition.

  8. InSEA Latinoamerica
    International Society for Education through Art now has a Latin American site, en español, for art educators and professors who are interested in the international issues that are shared throughout the profession. Access conferences, summer schools, dialogues for learning.

  9. International Society for Education through Art (InSEA)
    Web site in construction will guide the visitor to global information regarding conferences, workshops, presentations, journals, and professional art educators who lead the conceptual development in the field.

  10. Association of Children’s Museums
    International listing of children’s museum web sites: U.S. Latin America, Europe, Australia, Asia

  11. Webliography children’s museums

  12. Papalote Museo del Niño
    Children’s museum located in Mexico City designed by Architect R. Legorreta, second largest children’s museum in the world, recently expanded & renovated

  13. Brooklyn Children’s Museum
    The oldest children’s museum in the country, founded in 1898, the museum is building a new “green” building that will teach children about environmentally friendly spaces. See games, exhibits, collections and resources on-line.

  14. The Children’s Museum, Boston
    Interactive children’s site with information for parents, teacher’s discussion groups, and special opportunities to visit.

  15. The Children’s Museum, Indianapolis
    The largest children’s museum in the world with interactive games and exhibits; educational materials; store.

  16. Kraft Education Center, Chicago Art Institute
    New exhibit of Barbar the Elephant describing a visit to an art museum, plus family activities and Faces, Places and Inner Spaces, the permanent instillation dedicated to multi-layered, diverse learning experiences of art museums.

  17. The Children’s Museum of the Arts
    A pint size art museum set up like an artist’s studio for children. A working child art studio. Also reaches out to schools and community centers in New York sending artists into classrooms.

  18. El Museo del Barrio
    Bilingual exhibitions from throughout Latin America, education programs and school visits. Special teacher’s resource materials.

  19. Museo Nacional de Arte
    Educational interactivities in Spanish for children. Education programs and tours on the web site.

  20. On Line Poetry Classroom, a Program of the American Academy of Poet
    This is an educator’s resource for poems for children, by children, teachers’ list serve & forum, national standards, and curriculum guides.

  21. Children’s Art Project, at MD Anderson Cancer Center
    Provides funding for children battling cancer so that they may have access to normal childhood activities, camps, art projects and diverse learning opportunities.

  22. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO
    Diverse forums on international issues in educational, scientific and cultural policies.

  23. Survival International
    International, independent organization dedicated to the right of tribal peoples to direct their own future. Educational resources, teacher’s guides, books, other links.

  24. Papa iNK The International Gallery of Children’s Art
    A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting creative art work of children, young people, and emerging artists. Contains archives of early work by adult artists.

  25. School Portfolio
    Save your favorite young artist’s drawings, paintings and collages in this perfect 24” x 18” case built for that purpose.

  26. Enchanted Learning
    Early education & elementary school web site with arts and craft resources, as well as animal data bases — both pre-historic and modern.

  27. Wildlife Pictures on Line
    Detailed free photos for lesson plans, drawings, and sculpture, showing elephants, giraffes, hippos, and more.

  28. Flax Art Supplies
    Art supplies for kids, creative games, design books, Japanese teapots, portfolios.

  29. Oriental Trading Company
    Craft activities for children, highly structured but varied.

  30. Amsterdam Art Supplies
    Discount art supplies, watercolor brushes, drawing spiral bound notebooks, oil pastels, tissue paper, construction paper, scissors, marking pens, and lots more!

  31. Rosie Hippo
    Wooden toys, paint, books, games for children ages 3 to 7 on line shopping.

  32. Alfararia Tradicional de Guanajuato, Gorky Gonzalez Master Ceramicist
    A Master craftsman in traditional Mexican pottery with a studio in Guanajuato, Mexico.