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Two Year Old Class BCAS
The two year old classes at the Berkeley Child Art Studio began in response to questions by parents regarding drawing abilities of very young children. Parents would ask, “What do I do if my child wants me to draw a cat for her?”

child finger paintingAt two years old the toddler is just beginning to manipulate the drawing tools with confidence. Mostly children’s drawings at this age consist of random lines and intense tangles. Marks are still mysterious. She does not yet understand how they communicate. She is pre-pictorial. Therefore the question of whether or not to draw simple pictures for her raises a good many questions about the impact the adult’s drawing will have on her own spontaneity and self confidence. Once an adult has demonstrated a simple schema for her, will she continue to explore? Will she accept the spontaneous pictures that emerge from her own pen, or feel they are lesser than the mastered schema of the adult? Is it better to copy or discover? Which has more meaning for the child?

In most cases the two year old will probably be captivated by adults’ drawings. She will feel entertained and want him to continue making pleasing pictures for her. She may then just sit and watch as she is not able to participate in the drawing activity.


Two year old and mom paint butcher paper using different tools, including tactile hands, Berkeley Child Art Studio.